Rancho El Molino Olive Oil
Rancho el Molino olive oil is nationally acclaimed, award winning first press oil sourced from the absolute finest arbequina olives. All grown in the beating heart of our nation's pinnacle of olive oil production:

"Rancho El Molino is some of the best oil we've ever judged."
Aaron S.

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Olive Oil is Olive Oil.
Isn't it?
Olive oils are all the same
Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast!
The world of olive oil is as vibrant and emerging as the tech sector. As such, ongoing analysis has shown that most olive oils for sale in your local store are actually blends of other oils, mixed with low quality olive oil. In many cases the olive oil used isn't even extra virgin, even if the bottle carries that designation.
How do I know I'm getting the best?
Increasingly, the world of olive oil is being subjected to rigorous control and testing procedures, as well as certification requirements. California, where Rancho el Molino oil is produced, leads the country in certification and testing: every single Extra Virgin oil producer must be tested and certified by the state's control board, of which our founder, Louie Gonzalez, is a member and taster.
Choose Rancho el Molino, and enjoy flavor and peace of mind!
Rancho el Molino is tested, tasted and certified by the State of California. Our oil is Extra Virgin, comes exclusively from the first press, hand chosen by our founder, Louie Gonzalez. Its light, herbaceous and grassy flavors guarantee its quality.

From the first taste, to the last drop, We're pretty darn sure you'll know the difference.

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Our History

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Rancho el Molino: 20 Years in the Making
Nearly 20 years ago, the idea of Rancho El Molino Olive Oil was just a dream. In fact, it was not the original dream. The Gonzalez family had always talked about having a family winery. And so, courses were taken at the University of California at Davis and ultimately it was concluded that a winery was not financially feasible. And so the dream was put on hold for time.
But oldest daughter, Marisol, told her dad, "Don't worry dad. Something else will come along." A few months later, the family received a brochure for a course at UC Davis entitled Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil.

And the Rancho El Molino brand was born and along with it, the family dream became a reality.
Rancho el Molino Today: Gold Medal-Winning Olive Oil
Today, Rancho El Molino Olive Oil produces an award-winning extra virgin olive oil blended from Northern California-grown Arbequina and Ascolano olives. We strive to capture the herbaceous green flavors of sun-kissed olives along with an aromatic hint of grass, flavors of green almonds, green bananas, green olives and tomato leaf with a slight nutty flavored finish. All this signifies the freshest of California olive oil.

Whether you are a food novice, foodies like us or just like really good food, Rancho El Molino works very hard to produce the best California extra virgin olive oil available.

Let us know what you think! We know you will savor every drop of this fresh oil from California. As we say at our table: Buen Provecho!

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Rancho el Molino is a teeny, tiny company based in the San Francisco Bay area, and we produce handmade, artisinal olive oils. As such, we don't always have the production quantities to guarantee an online order can be filled and shipped.
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